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"Respect the earth from which we have come; it is alive just like us."  

Pete Onofrio is a musician, composer, businessman, world traveler, and multi-cultural performer. Pete, who studied at The University of Connecticut and Albertus Magnus College, has followed his heart and used his head to create several businesses that have kept him moving forward for over a decade. 

On December 15, 1997, he embarked on his first journey to Australia. What was to be only a few weeks turned into a four-month exploration of a land down under! The oldest wind instrument on the planet, the aboriginal didgeridoo quickly entranced Pete and became part of his musical tapestry. 

On his last visit to Australia in 2001, Pete’s zeal for music and culture plus an inspired hunch, prompted him to stay where he was just north of the Perth area to learn as much as he could about the Aboriginal culture and ancient musical traditions. His Aboriginal guides and hands on experience of their culture is what he has to share with us today. 
More information about Pete and his travels.


School Performances Grades K-12

School Workshops Grades 3-12

Workshops and classes for Adults

Campfire Jams Programs for Residential and Day Camps



School Performances Grades K-12

Educate and Entertain...

Pete Onofrio’s interactive program emphasizes an appreciation for music and culture.  It is a fast paced show that educates and entertains with energy and passion.  The indigenous music will keep students entranced and learning throughout the show.  This vibrant performance leaves the students with an understanding of Aboriginal and Native American Culture and how it links to an understanding of mainstream American ways. The culturally unique and entrancing sounds, idealisms and lessons will be a useful tool now and into the future.   Respect for all cultures and also for the individual is a main theme of the event.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world…” –Gandhi-

  • Aboriginal History

  • Music and Sounds

  • Geography

  • Environment

  • Anthropology

“To say that Pete’s presentation was outstanding would not be an exaggeration…he shared with the students the energy that comes from playing the didgeridoo…” 


“Pete Onofrio is a hard working professional, imaginative and energetic.  His show is exceptional and I would definitely invite him back for another performance.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with him.”


"Students reactions were enthusiastic.”  ‘It was the best assembly I’ve ever been to’  ‘He was cool and so was the music’…He made me think of important ideas in a new way.” 


--Victoria C. Crompton, Social Studies Teacher & Coordinator, Daniel Hand High School, Madison, CT

The students and I appreciated Peter's enthusiasm and knowledge of Australia. He had an encouraging and easy manner with the kids and that's not always the case with singular presenters. Uncle Charlie is a hoot and the perfect happy-go-lucky sidekick - he was very good in a quiet way with the students.

...it was a huge benefit for third graders in Fairfield to be given the connection of the Aboriginal culture and the Native American culture because as teachers that is what we are always trying to do. Connections through and across the curriculum really solidify learning for kids. Kudos to Peter on this point! The eerie music and the "mystery instrument" certainly held the students' attention - good job!

Darren Molony, Fairfield School System

Connecticut native Pete Onofrio captured the attention of Julian Curtiss students at lunchtime on Thursday, Sept. 28, with a performance on the Australian Aboriginal instrument the didgeridoo, as J C Music Cafe kicked off a new season.

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School Workshops Grades 3-12






Workshop and Instructional Series  (Grades 3-12, limited to 50 students)


In this workshop, Pete Onofrio incorporates music, art, social studies, history, geography and science as he demonstrates to the students the hands on skill of making, playing and customary painting of their own didgeridoo. Students learn about the traditions and rich history of Australia’s Aboriginal people.  Students will be able to create and play their own didgeridoo, express their ideas through art and music, and explore other cultures in this hands-on and interactive workshop experience.  They will take with them the skills needed to perform the basic drone sound that is created from this instrument. This sound will create the foundation that opens the mind to endless amounts of learning and growth through breath and concentration. 


One Workshop:               $350

Pair of workshops:            $650

Workshop fees:               $7 per student for supplies


Single Performance fees:  $475

Double Performance fees: $825

Full Day (2 Performances + 2 Workshops or 1 Performance + 3 Workshops)



“You are amazing! Thank you for creating such wonderful programs for young people on behalf of the Building Bridges Interdistrict program.  Your work in Building Bridges has opened the hearts and minds of the young people who have had the opportunity to work with you. 

Under your direction and tutelage, Building Bridges students have learned about the traditions and rich history of Australia’s Aboriginal people.  Thank you for teaching our students to create and play their own didgeridoos, express their ideas through art and music, and explore other cultures in this hands-on and interactive workshop experience.  Students and teachers are thrilled with their finished products and have expressed their desire to learn more about Australia and its people...”

--Beth McCaffery, LEARN, Interdistrict Program Manager


“…Your performance had opened our eyes to even more ways to incorporate music into geography. We enjoyed working with you!”

--Dr. David Truly, Assistant Professor-Dep’t of Geography, Central Connecticut State University


“We were extremely impressed by the power this event had on the students and faculty.  A diverse group treasured the excitement involved in this cross-cultural event.”

--Rachel Fales, Program Chairman, University of Hartford


"Got Didgeridoo?"

Guilford Courier writes:

Following a spirited performance and workshop, the enthusiastic student population of Melissa Jones Elementary

holds up the didgeridoo of their own creation, painted by hand with the help of Pete Onofrio, founder of Didgequest, and Guilford performer Charlie Kulinski.

Photo by Steve DePino


Workshops/Classes for Adults 

Fun with the oldest wind instrument on Earth, the Didgeridoo 

This workshop is for all ages. This 3 day program is a fun and exciting way to reconnect with the earth, music, culture and sounds from a Land Down Under.  You will learn some of the Aboriginal  secrets in this workshop, hear about their myths and legends, and gain a broader  understanding of the world we live in.  Hear of customs and rituals of the oldest continuing culture on the planet, the Aborigines of Australia, dating back almost 150 thousand years.  Learn to make and play your own synthetic didgeridoo, you will be coached by a professional didgeridoo player and shown the secrets to making your didgeridoo sing.  It will open your heart and mind.  We will show you the artistically tribal and  customary ways of the Aborigines and you will be able to demonstrate your skills by creating your own masterpiece.  Your didgeridoo will turn into functional art right before your eyes. This class will end with a tribal campfire, high up on a hill on a  beautiful & secluded piece of land in North Madison. Here, by fire light, is where you will hear of ancient stories of the aborigines and be able to play some of the original eucalyptus didgeridoos which have been brought back from the aborigines in the northern territories of Australia. At the end of this class, you will take home your new hand painted didgeridoo for a lifetime of  enjoyment, peace and serenity.

3 day workshop $45 plus $15 material fee

Campfire Jams Programs for Residential and Day Camps

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