Educate and Entertain…

Pete Onofrio’s interactive program emphasizes an appreciation for music and culture. It is a fast-paced show that educates and entertains with energy and passion. The indigenous music will keep students entranced and learning throughout the show. This vibrant performance leaves the students with an understanding of Aboriginal and Native American Culture and how it links to an understanding of mainstream American ways. The culturally unique and entrancing sounds, idealisms and lessons will be a useful tool now and into the future. Respect for all cultures and also for the individual is the main theme of the event.

  • Aboriginal History
  • Music and Sounds
  • Geography
  • Environment
  • Anthropology

“To say that Pete’s presentation was outstanding would not be an exaggeration…he shared with the students the energy that comes from playing the didgeridoo…”  “Pete Onofrio is a hard working professional, imaginative and energetic.   His show is exceptional and I would definitely invite him back for another performance. Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with him.”  “Students reactions were enthusiastic.” ‘It was the best assembly I’ve ever been to’  ‘He was cool and so was the music’…He made me think of important ideas in a new way.”   –Victoria C. Crompton, Social Studies Teacher & Coordinator, Daniel Hand High School, Madison, CT

“The students and I appreciated Peter’s enthusiasm and knowledge of Australia. He had an encouraging and easy manner with the kids and that’s not always the case with singular presenters. Uncle Charlie is a hoot and the perfect happy-go-lucky sidekick – he was very good in a quiet way with the students.”   “…it was a huge benefit for third graders in Fairfield to be given the connection of the Aboriginal culture and the Native American culture because as teachers that is what we are always trying to do. Connections through and across the curriculum really solidify learning for kids. Kudos to Peter on this point! The eerie music and the “mystery instrument” certainly held the students’ attention – good job!”   

—Darren Molony, Fairfield School System