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How About a Trade?
You Complete the Survey, We'll Send a Gift!
We appreciate your guidance in expanding our performances to include cultural, social and spiritual topics in addition to our music. For completing the survey below we will send you one of the following: (1) DidgeQuest Tee shirt, (2) DidgeQuest bumper sticker, or (3) Voucher for a 1/2 hour Didgeridoo lesson. (All gifts at discretion of DidgeQuest, and available while supplies last).
 1     Have you seen a DidgeQuest performance? Yes      No
 1a What was your favorite part of the show?
 1b What was your least favorite?
 2 What topics/ideas as they pertain to environment preservation and world peace, would you like to see covered in future performances?
 3 What ideas do you have that you think can help us to be part of the solution to today's problems? (You can elaborate on ideas already discussed).
 4 Any stage, audio, lighting or visual ideas that you can offer to help make the show better?
 5 What type of music do you listen to?
 6 If you have ever traveled, where are your favorite and interesting places you have gone and would you return?
 7 Do you play sports? If so, what?
 8 Do you play an instrument? Yes      No     If yes, what kind?
 9 Do you think that these topics and this performance create more of an interest for you when it comes to futures studies? For instance, would you be more or less interested in pursuing a degree in environmental studies or political sciences?
 10 Would you like to see more of these topics on how we can stay motivated, be better individuals and how we can help our environment in the classroom?
 11 Would you like to receive our monthly Newsletter? Yes      No

To receive your free gift in appreciation for completing the survey, please supply the following information:
(* fields are required).
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  Phone:     Email:*

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