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What is Waka Tangga


Waka Tangga is an experience for your head, your heart, and your soul


Waka Tangga is a musical and artistic journey to be enjoyed by those who create, listen, feel and see.  This movement is intended to bring a sense of calm to the world through artistic expression and creative thinking.


The sights and sounds heard here and in Waka Tangga performances are intended to provoke a positive change within the musicians, the listeners and the watchers.  That change can mean many things to different people, so be open to many possibilities, but expect nothing.


Waka Tangga hopes to help aid this natural movement towards a better sense of understanding of the world we live in and within ourselves. It is our hopes to help create a more peaceful and sustainable physical and spiritual environment for our planet and the humans that live with her.   We hope you enjoy and perhaps become part of our efforts. 



Waka Tangga

"In 2000 on my way to Australia, I stopped for two weeks in Bali.  While I was there I discovered a part of my soul that changed my view of the world.  Waka Tangga which is a traditional spiritual trek up a mountain to five Balinese temples.

It was here that I had the calling to put together Waka Tangga which translates from the Balinese language as "The journey".  

Inspired by this vision, in 2001 Waka Tangga was formed by Pete Onofrio and Colin Benn in the attempts to bridge the gap between world and classical music.  It is being called "Dub-Fusion".

"We are all on a journey of our own.  We hope to make that journey more meaningful for you." 

--Pete Onofrio

Our world is rapidly headed in very different directions, some are good directions, and others are not.  Many people have ideas on how these changes should go.  It seems that only the few have the ability to change the direction of our outcome as a society, a race. Politicians, government officials, world leaders, those with the biggest armies and the like seem to be the only people to force significant change, but not us.  Our voices seem to get lost in the veritable sea of many.

Tim Sway www.greeninside.com

People want to be heard, they want to feel like they are contributing to the bigger causes, as they should. We all want to feel and be part of the whole, the bigger picture.  One thing we have found that all people have in common, no matter what race, creed or religion, nor the color of your skin, is music.  One of the main facilitators of change in this world, and it is within all of us, dormant or awake, is music.  We here at Didgequest & Waka Tangga want to help facilitate positive change in this world through musical  expression. 


Petition for Sponsorship

Waka Tangga is in the process of designing a recording studio that caters to global musicians, artist and world thinkers.  A place that is a catalyst for much needed change on our ailing planet.  A virtual hub of creation that can light the fuse to a series passive explosions that will transform our space into the positive reality many of us want and need to see. 

Through music and sound people are able to proactively express themselves, their ideas and thoughts in ways words can't.  People for thousands of years have naturally come together and gather for musical _expression and sharing.  In order to cope with the ever-changing times and to be able to find peaceful alternatives solutions to our problems, we feel music and artistic expression is one of the best ways to forge a movement in that positive direction.  To be part of the solutions, and are interested in helping in any way contact us at discoverbluestar@comcast.net


The directions of change will naturally come when the facility is in place.  "Build it and they will come".  We have seen this phenomenon happen time and time again in our current recording studio.  We have recorded with many influential people, institutions and school systems that want to work with this idea.  Many global musicians including University of Hartford, Yale University and the Peabody Museum to name a few.  We now feel it is time to grow and make significant changes to the way we look at music and our world.  Change is imminent; we have no choice, which direction we grow or change into is within our grasp. 

Pete with friends and fellow musicians Abu Alvin Carter Percussionist and Charley Kulinski Didgeridoo Player  

Didgequest & Waka Tangga wants to help facilitate that change by helping people with voices and ideas become part of the larger more caring picture. 



Ponder This....

There is a Zen story in which two monks are looking at a flag that is waving in the wind. The first one says, " The flag is waving." The second one says, "No, the wind is moving." Their teacher comes over and the pose him the question. "Who's right? I say the flag is moving. He says the wind is moving." The teacher says, "You are both wrong. Only consciousness is moving. As consciousness moves, it imagines the world into existence."

----from Deepak Chopra's book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

 Harnessing the Infinite Power of

"The Senegalese poet Baba Dioum once said, 'In the end we will preserve only what we love. We love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.' We must learn about other cultures in order to understand, in order to love and in order to conserve our common world heritage." - Yo Yo Ma, Cellist

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Ponder This....


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