DidgeQuest offers cultural arts programs for schools and groups of all ages.  This interactive program is informative and covers Aboriginal History, Music and Sounds, Geography, Environment, Anthropology. It is a fast-paced show that educates and entertains with energy and passion.  The indigenous music will keep students entranced and learning throughout the show. This vibrant performance leaves the students with an understanding of Aboriginal and Native American Culture and how it links to an understanding of mainstream American ways.

Peter Onofrio

I was first exposed to the trance-like sounds of the didgeridoo when I visited the “Land Down Under” in 1997. Since then I have been studying and playing the intoxicating wind instrument and sharing the Aboriginal culture through my musical performances.

The Didgeridoo has its roots in Australian culture dating back 40,000 years. Its melodic sounds are unique to wind instruments and can be enjoyed by all ages. Many didgeridoos are decorated with animals and scenery, hand-painted by Aboriginal artists. Their lively decorations make them fun and functional artwork.

Let us share with you the secrets of this musical experience through:

  • Performances
  • Educational and cultural events
  • Healing with sound sessions
  • Lessons and workshops
  • Didgeridoos & Aboriginal Crafts

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