Fun with the oldest wind instrument on Earth, the Didgeridoo

This workshop is for all ages. This 3-day program is a fun and exciting way to reconnect with the earth, music, culture, and sounds from a Land Down Under. You will learn some of the Aboriginal secrets in this workshop, hear about their myths and legends, and gain a broader understanding of the world we live in. Hear of customs and rituals of the oldest continuing culture on the planet, the Aborigines of Australia, dating back almost 150 thousand years. Learn to make and play your own synthetic didgeridoo, you will be coached by a professional didgeridoo player and shown the secrets to making your didgeridoo sing. It will open your heart and mind. We will show you the artistically tribal and customary ways of the Aborigines and you will be able to demonstrate your skills by creating your own masterpiece. Your didgeridoo will turn into functional art right before your eyes. This class will end with a tribal campfire, high up on a hill on a beautiful & secluded piece of land in North Madison. Here, by firelight, is where you will hear of ancient stories of the aborigines and be able to play some of the original eucalyptus didgeridoos which have been brought back from the aborigines in the northern territories of Australia. At the end of this class, you will take home your new hand-painted didgeridoo for a lifetime of enjoyment, peace, and serenity.

3 day workshop $45 plus $15 material fee