“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.”  -Zeno (335 BC – 264 BC)

The audience will learn about Aboriginal, Native American and Afro Caribbean drumming and culture. Learn all about the didgeridoo and how to play the oldest wind instrument on the planet. The sounds of the didgeridoo have been enchanting people for more than 60 thousand years. Understand how it’s made, and hear how the sounds come together with other instruments on the same stage. We will share with you some of the key ideas and little known facts that have made the Aboriginal people the oldest continuing culture on the planet. Hear what they heard more than fifty thousand years ago; imagine what it was like to be there.

The audience is able to interact and create live jams in a campfire setting. Our campfire jams are sure to evoke a musical and lasting impression. The stage is complete with campfire, an overhead projection system that rolls a powerpoint presentation that offers factual information and underwater digital footage of the beautiful and mystifying Great Barrier Reef. Silkscreens on either side of the stage illuminate shadow images of indigenous cultures and our planet from outer space. Musical instruments will move the stage and its audience into life, rhythm and positive action.

Types of performance and interaction are based on the age group and interests of our audience. This program is completely customizable for any occasion. Camps, schools, boy scouts, gathering, any type of group that wants to come together with purpose and enjoyment stands to benefit from this musical, cultural and educational entertainment.

Music has always been a terrific way to break down barriers and open up doors for people. Through music and this program, we hope to bring more compassion and understanding to those who experience it. Campfire jams will leave the audience with a sense of rhythm and cultural awareness. It will call to you to look inside and to become more involved in the world we live in!

There is a positive movement going on and music is there to help facilitate those changes in the world. Let Didgequest bring those sounds to life for your people and feel the magic that is happening.