Do you digeridoo?

In this workshop, Pete Onofrio incorporates music, art, social studies, history, geography and science as he demonstrates to the students the hands-on skill of making, playing and customary painting of their own didgeridoo. Students learn about the traditions and rich history of Australia’s Aboriginal people. Students will be able to create and play their own didgeridoo, express their ideas through art and music, and explore other cultures in this hands-on and interactive workshop experience. They will take with them the skills needed to perform the basic drone sound that is created from this instrument. This sound will create a foundation that opens the mind to endless amounts of learning and growth through breath and concentration.

One Workshop: $350

Pair of workshops: $650

Workshop fees: $7 per student for supplies

Single Performance fees: $475
Double Performance fees: $825

Full-Day (2 Performances + 2 Workshops or 1 Performance + 3 Workshops):  $1900